What you are likely to receive and experience at an environmentally-friendly hotel

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This short, informational message should prove to be nothing but inspirational for all nature lovers and environmentally-conscious holidaymakers and even travelling salesmen (and women). These are the men and women that are making a positive and responsible difference, bit by bit, in response to the growing specter of global warming and climate change. Among these men and women, there is no debate, but certainly a lot of discussion, perhaps around the hotel dining-room table or at a bar side counter, enjoying a fresh bowl of sodium-free nuts and a healthy tonic.

There is no debate. It is now widely known that today’s global warming and climate change phenomena are caused mainly by man’s reckless and irresponsible behavior over the last hundred years or so. Travelling salesmen and business executives will have already experienced notably positive changes in their office environments. They will have seen and felt the sustainable practices installed to use less energy and use their office paraphernalia more conservatively.

As business people, they should appreciate the adage that less is certainly more. Now they are enjoying fresh new organic hotel amenities along with their happy holidaying guests, some of whom may end up fomenting long-lasting business to client relationships with them. That’s the joy of being on the road. You get to meet new and interesting people. By the time you have arrived at your organic hotel, you are welcomed with open arms.

You are welcomed by kindred spirits who care as much about improving and sustaining the environment as you do. Your hotel room is living proof of their care and devotion. Bathroom towels and bed linen are naturally clean and fresh. Energy usage is now being powered by alternative carbon-saving resources.