All My Packages are Shipped to My Mailbox

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Being that I live in an apartment building, I often find that it can be a hassle just to get my mail on a daily basis.  The mailbox at my building is very small, and so I often have packages that can’t fit in it, and then I end up having to pick them up at the front desk of the building.  This is something that has always been a hassle for me, as the front desk is only open certain hours and I tend to be working while they are open.  This is why I needed to find a good mailbox service New York so that all of my packages would go to that mailbox and I would be able to pick them up at my convenience.  It would be a whole lot easier for me to do that than to have to try and plan my day around when the front desk at my apartment building was open.

Well, I looked on the internet in order to find a good mailbox service in my area, and I actually found a service that was right down the street from my apartment.  This meant that I could go by the place after work on my way home in order to pick up any packages that had been sent to me.  Because their hours are a lot more flexible than those of the front desk of my apartment building, I found this to definitely be the preferable way for me to receive packages.

If you live in an apartment building and have a hard time receiving all of your packages because of the hours of the front desk, I would definitely suggest finding a good mailbox service locally that can work around your schedule.